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Please call us now, we love to help people through these trying times. Count on a company that cares about their clients, Affordable Bail Bonds. We have been servicing Sarasota and Manatee Counties for over 30 years!

Time is running out, the time your loved one spends in jail is terrifying and it is extremely important to get this person back into a safe environment, his or her own home. Though both Sarasota and Bradenton County jails do abide by the laws, unfortunate financial cuts have limited their resources and thus creates an unsafe environment for both them and the inmates.

Lets face it, we have all heard about someone getting left in the jail system so they could “learn their lesson”. Studies show the longer an individual is incarcerated the greater the chance is they will actually enhance any criminal desires or tendencies they might have. If you are asking yourself if leaving your loved one in jail or not is the answer, our suggestion is to get them out now by posting bail here at Affordable Bail Bonds. We believe everyone deserves a fair and honest chance to prove their innocence before ever experiencing the terrifying mental damages or experiencing a life changing event that one short stay in jail can and probably will do…

Please call now if you have any questions about how the bail bond process works. We make certain each client gets immediate attention and that their bail is posted immediately.

** Please understand there is a certain process required by the jail staff that makes its impossible to quote an exact timeframe. Generally the entire process takes between 4 to 8 hours from intake to release.

Thanks again for choosing Affordable Bail Bonds. We are always here for any bail bonds needs that you might need in Sarasota and Bradenton FL.

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